Question : testing


Question : test


Question : This, of course, is a _____ matter.

personality personnel personal

Question : What kind of work do you do?

a. I work every day. b. I'm a piano teacher. c. I worked for two hours.

Question : How many hours a day do you watch TV?

a. About two hours. b. In my living room. c. I watch the news. d. On Tuesday.

Question : ____________ for this trip, will you?

Fill in the blank. Hint: include someone or the plans for it.

Question : kě yǐ gěi wǒ fáng mén [key] shì ma?

choose option 1. diǎn 2. yào 3. qún

Question : wǒ mén xiǎng yào liǎng zhāng [bed].

choose option 1. chuáng 2. jiān 3. qī

Question : I wanted to _____________ with him, but I lost his address.

Fill in the blank. Hint: in or into communication

Question : Question of the Day

Describe yourself in one word.

Question : Question of the Day

You'd better take a taxi. ___, you'll arrive late. a. Consequently b. Furthermore c. Otherwise Join our academic online tutoring program at

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