Language Exchange

Language exchange is the process followed by two or more people to practice speaking each other's language. For example, a German speaker who is trying to learn English will conduct a language exchange with an English speaker who is toiling hard to learn German. There are multiple ways of practicing different languages through language exchange.

Why Do You Need Language Exchange?

  • Well first off, you can learn and share your knowledge for free. You and the person you want to exchange language with will agree to the date and time you will meet.
  • You will meet a lot of friends from different parts of the world.
  • You will learn the language easier because you are essentially speaking and practicing with a native speaker.

While language exchange is great, we still encourage you to book classes from our pool of professional teachers. Practicing with a teacher is different from talking to a friend. Our teachers are well trained in teaching languages. If you really want to learn the language faster, then you have an option to book from our pool of teachers.


Our aim is to become the best online learning platform for languages and eventually academics. A learner always needs the right type of practice. We assure you that we have things you need -- from the materials, the right teacher and the platform of your choice. Our soul motto is for you to achieve your full potential in learning a new language. Apart from that, we intend to strengthen the sense of camaraderie from people all over the globe.

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