Frequently Asked Questions (Site Tutorials)

How eTutor School works?

eTutor School is a matching service offered by ETS Global Network, LLC where students connect with tutors via an online learning platform. Whether you want to learn a new language, or need help with your homework in Math, Science or Exams, eTutor School will be there to help you find the perfect instructor. Here's a simple step-by-step description of how they go about doing it:

  • Search in the teacher's list: We have hundreds of professional qualified teachers that went through a screening process. We see to it, that we only have the best of the best teachers; we guarantee that they will give you 100% satisfaction and will help you with what you need.

  • Decide How and When : eTutor School operates 24/7. You can choose from the hundreds of teachers all over the globe from the website. Teachers have their own rights to choose their own rate and availability, so feel free to choose which one fits you based on their schedule. Remember that eTutor automatically adjust the time zones. So please make sure that your time zone is correct. And, also remember that the time that you can see on your screen is your own time. The system automatically adjusts the time for you. So if you will book a class with a teacher, the time that will appear on the teacher′s profile is his/her own time based on her time zone.

  • Arrange a Lesson : Check the teacher′s calendar and send a "contact teaher" message. The teacher will receive a notice via his/her email and he/she has the right to accept or not accept your request. He/she can change the date and time before accepting your request, then he/she will send the request back to you for the confirmation if you agree or not with the changes.

What happens during a lesson?

Both the teacher and the student should log on into their own eTutor's accounts. The student and the teacher have the right to choose which communication tool they will use, either the online classroom which is built-in in the eTutor's website, SKYPE, QQ, MSN or any other tool that the student and the teacher agreed to use.

Q&A Hub

eTutor offers a service where students and teachers can post questions and anyone can answer that question. Just see to it that you are asking educational questions, or else your account will be block from inappropriate questions especially about courting the teachers or other members. eTutor School also has an eTutor Store where you can shop for books, e-books, CDs, DVDs etc. We also have the following activities: Language Quiz, Language Games and a Group Chat Room.


How do I start learning :

Follow these simple steps

  • Create an eTutor Account

  • Find a tutor

  • Arrange a Lesson

  • Wait for the confirmation If the tutor accepts your request, lesson will be scheduled and credits will be reserved on your balance. eTutor will send reminders before it starts. Log into your eTutor account. Ask your tutor how to open the whiteboard and initiate the call (the best place to hold a lesson, if you can't see it you can use chat or send a private message to your tutor). If the lesson will be held using skype or hangout, wait for your teacher to call you on the platform you picked. Once the lesson had passed, confirm that you and the teacher did the class so that the credit will go to her account. If you or the teacher had encountered problems in having the class, you can ask to reschedule the class or withdraw your credit back to your account.

Where can I see my scheduled lessons?

All eTutor users can use the service as students and tutors at the same time. If you have booked lessons as a Student, you can see all the details in your user profile. You can easily access each lesson details in the "My Lessons" tab.

How do I pay for a lesson?

You need to buy credits using your paypal or any credit card. You can buy a lot of credits so you can pay in advance, so that you can book anytime.


How do I start teaching:

To start teaching at eTutor School, just follow these few simple steps:

  • Create an eTutor Account

  • Log-in to your account and complete your profile under edit settings. Click "My Account" and it will take you to your profile settings. Add a profile photo and a video introduction under edit profile > advanced information. After you create a video introduction, please upload it on YouTube and generate the link. Copy and paste this link in the "apply as a teacher" tab.

  • Fill out your availability in the eTutor School calendar under settings.

How can I activate my profile

eTutor doesn't charge anything to teachers when they sign up as a teacher. eTutor only takes 15% of the total earnings of the teacher for each class.

How do teachers get paid?

The student uses credits to book lessons with a teacher. Each credit is equivalent to $1. You can send a withdrawal request every 15th of the month or 30th of the month under the "Payments Tab" > "Withdraw" tab. You need to wait 10 days for the processing of your payment. If in case you didn′t receive your salary within 10 days, you need to contact us to follow-up your payment.


You can close or open your availability if you want to, just go to your teacher′s settings.

How can I find students?

  • Always log into your etutor School Account Being online always makes your teacher′s profile on the top list. So make sure that you will log in always so that students will easily find your profile.

  • Be Active in the Q&A Hub eTutor has a Q&A Hub where all users can post questions and answers. You may answer as much questions as you can to maximize your visibility. When you answer questions, your profile pops up in the participating user′s box in the lower right of the page.

  • Log in often, check your email and never let students waiting too long for your reply If you don't reply before the requested time of the lesson, you may lose that student. You have 24 hours to accept or decline the request.

  • Add a profile photo, a certificate and credentials, add detailed information about yourself and your experiences in teaching. Create presentable video introduction, tell the students how many years you have been teaching the subject or the language, where you have studied and your previous employers. These things will help the students in deciding whether you are the perfect teacher for them or not.

eTutor School Referral Program

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