Increasing your English Language Study Time

Posted by eTutor School on Mar 25, 2017

eTutor School

Devoting more time to your English language study can help you reach your goals faster. However, most English language learners have to juggle family life, career and other activities that seemingly distract them from making great progress. Read More...

4 Tips to Help You Easily Understand Films in English

Posted by eTutor School on Feb 08, 2017

eTutor School

Watching movies to learn the English language is an entertaining way to improve your listening and speaking skills. The language you hear in movies is exactly how you hear it in real life, spoken in native accent using colloquial expressions and idioms. Read More...

5 Easy Ways to Speak English Like a Native Speaker

Posted by eTutor School on Nov 11, 2016

eTutor School

Even if they have spent a long time studying the language, many who are learning English online are hesitant to speak in public because they’re afraid they will never be able to get their message across sounding like a native English speaker. Speaking like locals gives them the confidence to deliver their message in front of many people and interact with native speakers without having to worry about the tiny details of the language. Read More...

How Watching Movies Can Improve Your Foreign Language Comprehension

Posted by eTutor School on Sep 09, 2016

eTutor School

If you’re a movie buff like me, there’s nothing better than learning foreign language through films. It’s a great to way to learn a new language while discovering an entirely different culture and having fun. Read More...

5 Things to Do in The Morning to Improve Your English Skills

Posted by eTutor School on Aug 29, 2016

eTutor School

Many English language students often complain about not having enough time to study the new language. However, just by introducing few and easy-to-do activities in your morning routine, you can already incorporate strong habits to help you become successful in learning English. Read More...

10 Tips and Tricks to Help You Learn Foreign Language Online

Posted by eTutor School on Aug 01, 2016

eTutor School

Learning a new language will require you to invest time, money and effort to achieve your goal. While online tutor schools have made it easy for everyone to learn a foreign language anywhere, anytime, there are a couple of easy things you can do to supplement online learning Read More...

10 Awesome Reasons Why You Need to Learn a New Language Online

Posted by eTutor School on Jul 27, 2016

eTutor School

Learning a new language may seem like a daunting task especially if you’re struggling to cope with your busy schedule. While learning a new language takes time, dedication and hard work, it can improve almost every aspect of your life. Read More...

Improve English Online With English Tutoring Classes

Posted by eTutor School on Apr 12, 2016

eTutor School

When you want to improve English online, there are so many ways to go about the self-improvement pursuit. You can either find friends and teach yourself, or you can enroll in English tutoring classes, which may be more focused and will help you improve your English skills in a more focused way. Read More...

Choose A Structured Venue In Learning English Online

Posted by eTutor School on Mar 04, 2016

eTutor School

One of the ways that the Internet has bridged people is through providing more cost-effective, convenient ways to learn new languages. English online is one of the most sought-after language learning ventures. The good news is that online learning English language schools are aplenty, though the trick is how to find the right one that fits well with you. Read More...

Sharpen Your Understanding Of The English Language Online

Posted by eTutor School on Jan 13, 2016

eTutor School

Learning language online counts as one of the most convenient learning pursuits. All that an earnest language student needs to do would be to identify the right learning venues, and make the most out of those. Read More...

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