Tips for Writing in German for non-native speakers

Posted by eTutor School on Sep 21, 2015

Tips for Writing in German for non-native speakers
Knowing a foreign language has become a definite advantage for people who are either studying or working in multi-lingual environments or international institutions. However, being able to write flawlessly in the foreign language can be quite a challenge, more so when the language is German (Deutsch). Not only does it have a wide vocabulary, its grammar is also fairly complex and has a large number of rules. Below are some helpful tips for the learners:
  1. Reading more in the foreign language definitely helps in building up of vocabulary and exhibiting its correct usage in context
  2. Learn the German grammar diligently. German grammar and sentence construction is far stricter than those in other languages like English. Therefore, it is important all those principles are correctly utilized.
  3. Minimize translation of thoughts from the native language to German. Many times the word for word translation does not work correctly.
  4. Remember that brevity is the soul of wit. Be as concise as possible.
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