Tips for learning Chinese

Posted by eTutor School on Sep 30, 2015

Tips for learning Chinese
Chinese ranks among one of the largest spoken first languages in the world. Till a few years ago being spoken largely by its natives, the rapidly growing and expanding economy of China is now interacting with multiple international participants, making it advantageous and at times necessary for many non-natives to learn the language. However, learning a tonal language with no alphabets and having pictographic characters instead, might pose quite a challenge to the learners. Below are some tips for them:
  1. Start with Mandarin Chinese. It is a little easier than Cantonese Chinese.
  2. There are two systems of Chinese writing – Traditional and simplified. Try to master the simplified Chinese characters first. They contain a lot lesser number of strokes and are thus, easier.
  3. Focus on the basics of the language. The tones while pronunciation, their association with the logo based characters and different forms of stroke are the foundations of the language, which, if not understood clearly will hamper the learning.
  4. Following Chinese programs, reading articles, or even listening to Chinese songs are definitely helpful and improves both, vocabulary and pronunciation.

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