Learning a Foreign Language

Posted by eTutor School on Oct 26, 2015

Learning a Foreign Language
In a multicultural, globalized world today, being multilingual is a significant advantage. While many of us might be interested in it, learning a foreign language can be quite a daunting task for many people, especially, when the foreign language is completely different in script and tone from the native language. Another common problem faced by the foreign language enthusiasts is that while they might have basic level knowledge of the language, they find it extremely difficult to attain expert level proficiency in it.

One of the most effective ways of learning a foreign language is by enrolling in a course, whether classroom based or online, where the basic constructs of the language are taught in a systematic manner. This will provide a basic foundation. The next step is to find more opportunities to read books, listen and speak in the foreign language. Many learners enroll themselves in language exchange programs where they can practice with a person who is a native speaker of the foreign language being learnt.
  • Jim


    From : Spain

    Teaches : English

  • Stavroula


    From : Canada

    Teaches : English,French

  • Martha


    From : Peru

    Teaches : English,Spanish

  • Simo


    From : Italy

    Teaches : English,French,Italian

  • Claudia


    From : Italy

    Teaches : English,Italian

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