Increasing your English Language Study Time

Posted by eTutor School on Mar 25, 2017

Increasing your English Language Study Time

Devoting more time to your English language study can help you reach your goals faster. However, most English language learners have to juggle family life, career and other activities that seemingly distract them from making great progress.

Surprisingly, some students manage to take time, some even more than 20 hours a week, to study, despite their jam-packed schedule. Indeed, there are several ways to increase your English language study time without sacrificing other aspects of your life. Here are some of them:

1. Form new habits

Your daily study time will start out as a task that will eventually evolve into a habit. So how exactly do you turn a seemingly boring task into a habit? While some people take an average of 3 weeks to form a habit, others might need a year. Commit yourself and fight the urge to skip the task. Keep in mind that the first few days are crucial as it serves as the foundation of your habit.

2. Treat language learning as your hobby

By treating it like your favorite sports or one of your hobbies, learning the English language becomes much easier. When you start treating it as a hobby, youll have unlimited passion for learning and will always find time for it.

3. Do real-life practice

Expose yourself to the process of learning the English language through day-to-day activities. Try to schedule a conversation with an English speaking colleague or schedule a daily chat with a fellow English language learner. It would be helpful to set the language of your devices and software to English.

4. Add 15 minutes to your daily language learning every 2 weeks

When learning a new language, you need to begin slowly. Start out by setting aside 30 minutes a day then gradually increase this every two weeks. For instance, if you are studying for 30 minutes a day, try adding 15 minutes every two weeks until you reach your plateau.

5. Utilize dead moments

Stuck in the traffic? Instead of stressing yourself about how much of your time is wasted, use it as an opportunity to brush up your listening or speaking skills. Its a great way to be productive and combat stress.

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