IELTS Writing Test - Sentence Formation, Coherence and Much More

Posted by Ielts7band on Aug 24, 2017

IELTS Writing Test - Sentence Formation, Coherence and Much More

Equal Concentration

At the time of preparation, most of the students focus more on IELTS Reading, IELTS Speaking or Listening. They do not pay much attention to IELTS Writing. In some cases, this also happens that the students take exercises which are used up with the speaking tasks. This results in improvement of the speaking skills but not the writing skills. Therefore, it is necessary to pay equal amount of concentration to writing too.

Linking sentences / maintaining coherence

Linking one sentence with the other sentence is every important. Each and every sentence should match the topic. Essays or letters which lack in coherence are not scored well. If you would like to increase the score then focus on creating a letter or an essay which truly describe the requirements. For this purpose,understanding the task and thinking a little about what to include and what not is necessary. Do not just start writing without thinking or proper planning. This will produce unrelated sentences and it will not bring good score for you.

  • Make use of adverbs (such as Additionally, Firstly, Therefore, Finally, Moreover, However etc)

  • Make use of the coordinating, subordinating, correlative conjunctions (such as For, And, But, Yet, Although, As long as, Because, as/as, such/that, scarcely/when etc)

  • Make use of the right synonyms (Do not make use of the same words again and again. This will affect the total word-length. The examiner might not consider your write-up to be a good one and may not give you a good score.

  • Replace basic vocabulary with relevant words 

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