How Watching Movies Can Improve Your Foreign Language Comprehension

Posted by eTutor School on Sep 09, 2016

How Watching Movies Can Improve Your Foreign Language Comprehension

If you’re a movie buff like me, there’s nothing better than learning foreign language through films. It’s a great to way to learn a new language while discovering an entirely different culture and having fun.

Unlike foreign language you learn from textbooks and formal lessons, the language you learn from movies is as real as it gets. While some of the expressions you learn from the books are grammatically correct, people almost never say it in real life. This will help you easily carry a conversation with native speakers in the future.

By watching movies, you also get to learn words in context and understand where and how they are used. Although keeping a vocabulary list help you learn the meaning of the words, learning foreign language through movies will help you know how it is used. This strategy also allows you to associate situational images with newly learned words, phrases as well as grammar.

Moreover, observing how actors deliver language in films will help you understand how the words are expressed through the emotions they show. A single phrase like I love youmay mean a a lot of things depending on how it is said. In this case, the actor may be happy, angry, surprised or sad when the phrase is delivered.

Keep in mind that for this strategy to be effective, you must first choose an interesting movie. While this may sound pretty obvious, it is very important to select a movie that you can stand to watch over and over again.

Selecting an interesting movie is equally as important as picking a movie that matches your current language level. For beginners, it is usually recommended that you see animated movies as the language used here is usually easy to understand.

Initially, watch the movie with subtitles while keeping a dictionary handy. Eventually, you need to challenge yourself and watch it without subtitles. Since you are already familiar with the plot of the movie, it will be much easier for you to understand the language.

If you hear something cool or interesting in the movie, write down the phrase and repeat it. For instance, slang words in the English language such as sure thingcan be easily remembered if you say it out loud for a while.

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