How to Improve Your English Skills While Doing Everyday Tasks

Posted by eTutor School on Jul 06, 2017

How to Improve Your English Skills While Doing Everyday Tasks

Do you have enough free time to study English?

Most English language students often find it difficult to set aside time to study the language. What most of them don’t know is that learning English doesn’t need to be limited on formal and oftentimes mundane lessons. In fact, you can actually learn and improve your English skills while doing regular tasks at home.

Unknowingly, you do have lots of time to learn English if you would only take advantage of every opportunity. Here are a few tips to improve your English skills while doing everyday tasks.

 1.    On using social media

If you’re spending lots of time using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, make use of this time to familiarize yourself with English terms. You can accomplish this by switching your account to the English language version.

 2. On using devices

Devices you use everyday such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop, car dashboard, television and even microwave can be used as English language learning tools. Switch the language to English and you’re all set. Keep in mind that because you’re still learning the language, it will be a little harder to use the devices.

 3. On using software

If you’re already familiar with the software, it will be of help to set the language to English. It can take you a little more time than usual to do easy tasks using the software so it’s best to do it if you’re not in a rush.

 4. On watching television, films and YouTube clips

While watching TV shows, movies and YouTube clips in any language, try to turn on the English subtitle. In this way, you get to enjoy the show and at the same time learn English words without putting pressure on yourself.

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