Effective Language Learning

Posted by eTutor School on Oct 14, 2015

Effective Language Learning
Learning a new foreign language can be quite a challenge for the beginners. But even after learning the basics, people might still find themselves to be making a lot of mistakes, especially while speaking or writing spontaneously. The best way to resolve this problem is to find a language partner by enrolling in a language exchange program. A language exchange provides an opportunity for two people, who are learning each other’s native language, to come together and help in improving each other language abilities. It provides them both with ample opportunities to practice the language, without any hesitation of making mistakes. These language exchange programs can be quite flexible as well. A learner has various options of interacting, like face to face conversation, interaction through email, voice chats or even through text chats.
  • Vitaly


    From : Russian Federation

    Teaches : English,German,Russian

  • Muhammad


    From : Pakistan

    Teaches : English

  • Cristian


    From : Ecuador

    Teaches : Spanish

  • Tracy


    From : Canada

    Teaches : English

  • Lilliana


    From : Yugoslavia

    Teaches :

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