5 Tips on How to Learn Any Language

Posted by eTutor School on Dec 18, 2015

5 Tips on How to Learn Any Language

We've all had issues in learning a new language especially ones that are hard to pronounce like German, Mandarin or Thai. I could speak two languages because I was originally born from a different country. But how about those who could only speak one? Here are some tips on how to learn any language.

1. Asses why you want to learn a certain language

Kind of obvious right, but if f you don’t have a valid reason you are less likely to continue learning. If you are only doing it to look cool, then that doesn't really sound like a good reason. Whatever you reason is, once you’ve decided on a language to learn, you have to commit.

2. Find a language exchange partner

Having a language exchange partner can really help you immense yourself in the language you are learning. Your partner speaks the language natively so you'll be sure that you are learning from an expert. Since your partner also wants to learn your language, it only means that you both will motivate each other.

3. Talk to yourself in front of a mirror

If you don't have a language exchange partner, there's nothing wrong in talking to yourself in front of the mirror and practicing new words and your accent. It might sound weird but it will help you build up your confidence next time you speak to somebody.

4. Relevance

Make sure that you are focusing on conversation goals that you think will be helpful for you when you go to another country. It is vital that you know what type of conversation you'd like to learn so you won't lose interest in learning a new language.

5. Enjoy

Use the language you are learning in an interesting way such as writing poems, making music, create a mini talk show etc. If you keep it going, chances are you won't forget the language that you acquired or currently acquiring. 


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