5 Easy Ways to Speak English Like a Native Speaker

Posted by eTutor School on Nov 11, 2016

5 Easy Ways to Speak English Like a Native Speaker

Even if they have spent a long time studying the language, many who are learning English online are hesitant to speak in public because they’re afraid they will never be able to get their message across sounding like a native English speaker. Speaking like locals gives them the confidence to deliver their message in front of many people and interact with native speakers without having to worry about the tiny details of the language.

If you wish to sound like a native speaker, here are 5 easy ways to achieve it.

1.    Record your voice.

Check your progress by reading articles out loud and recording your voice on your smartphone. Listen to yourself and see if you understand what you’re talking about. This step will help you assess what areas you need to work on in terms of speaking.


2.    Master American accent by listening to audio instructional programs.

In order to speak standard American English with confidence, clarity and accuracy, you need to get rid of your accent when you speak your first language. Listen to audio instructional programs for specific tips on how to pronounce problematic consonants, use correct syllable stress, common words contractions as well as link words for smoother speech flow. There are many available instructional videos for this topic on YouTube.


3.    Familiarize yourself with expressions in everyday speech.

You need to familiarize yourself with idioms, sayings of American English and common phrases in order to sound like a native speaker. You may use an idioms dictionary or read American newspapers to see common expressions in everyday speech.


4.    Watch American TV shows and movies.

It is believed that proper intonation is the hardest thing to learn when it comes to language. Coming from another country, you have your own intonation and body language from speaking your native language. In order to diminish this, observe how native speakers talk by watching American TV shows and movies. Listening to the radio may also help.


5.    Spend more time with American pals.

It will be tempting to spend more time with friends from your own country but hanging out with American friends gives you the opportunity to see language barriers you need to work on as well as cultural differences.

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