4 Tips to Help You Easily Understand Films in English

Posted by eTutor School on Feb 08, 2017

4 Tips to Help You Easily Understand Films in English

Watching movies to learn the English language is an entertaining way to improve your listening and speaking skills. The language you hear in movies is exactly how you hear it in real life, spoken in native accent using colloquial expressions and idioms.

Such activity is highly recommended for all English language students to get additional knowledge and practice that they usually dont learn in a classroom. However, you have to keep in mind that these movies werent designed for English language students but for native speakers.

Here are a few tips to learn the English language while watching movies.


1.    Start with educationally tailored films.

English language teachers and specialists have actually created movies, about fifteen to twenty minutes-long videos, for English language learners. Most of the words in these movies are easy to understand and will help you become more interested in learning the language.


2.  See films youve already watched in your own language.

This method will help you understand as many words as possible since you are already familiar with the plot, characters and the whole movie itself. Most English language students often have a hard time learning through films since they have to translate ideas from their native language into English. This tedious process is eliminated in this method.


3.  Choose films with a clear plot and a predictable ending

If youre planning to watch Inception  to improve your English listening skills,  you might want to reconsider this as it will only give you a big headache. While the movie is certainly intellectually stimulating and innovative, it wont do you any good if youre still learning the language. Choose films that use simple English words like Home Alone, Disney Pixar movies, Mrs. Doubtfire and other films made for children.


4.  Use subtitles

Almost all films now have subtitles so take advantage of this feature. It will really be challenging to watch a film without subtitles if youre still learning the language. However, once you get the chance to watch the film for the second time, try turning off subtitles and see if you can understand the film.

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