10 Tips and Tricks to Help You Learn Foreign Language Online

Posted by eTutor School on Aug 01, 2016

10 Tips and Tricks to Help You Learn Foreign Language Online

Now that you finally decided to learn a foreign language online, the more important question to ask your self is how can you sustain this passion.

Learning a new language will require you to invest time, money and effort to achieve your goal. While online tutor schools have made it easy for everyone to learn a foreign language anywhere, anytime, there are a couple of easy things you can do to supplement online learning.

Here are some tips and tricks to boost your online studies.


1.    Converse with people better than you in the language.

Perhaps the best trick to learn a new language is to find people who are better than you in that language and have regular conversations with them.  Finding one doesn’t have to be a difficult task since social media allows us to connect with the right people faster and easier.


2.    Talk to yourself.

While it’s not easy to find someone to speak with at all times, you can always rely on yourself when it comes to practicing new words or phrases. Many may find it weird but speaking to yourself in the language you wish to learn is a great way to practice as it keeps words and phrases fresh in your mind.


3.    Begin with the 100 most common words.

Learning the 100 most common words of the language you intend to study will equip you in carrying simple conversations. Make grammatically-correct sentences with these words over and over again until you feel comfortable using it.


4.    Act like a child.

We all know that kids learn new languages better and faster than adults. Although the direct link between age and the ability to learn has not been established, many experts believe that the key to learning is related with a number of childlike attitudes such as willingness to make mistakes, lack of self-consciousness and a desire to play with the language.


5.    Try one-on-one tutoring.

Sitting with a tutor for a few hours everyday is one of the fastest ways to learn a new language. Online tutor schools make it easy for any person with internet accessibility to find a suitable tutor who can give them one-on-one classes.


6.    Find a language buddy.

Look for someone, a sibling, a friend or even a colleague, who can motivate you to learn a new language. Keep in mind that it’s easier to give up on something if you’re doing it alone so find a partner who can join you on your language adventure.


7.    Learn through entertainment and literature.

Watching TV shows and movies as well as reading newspapers and magazines in the language you prefer to learn are good supplements to learning foreign language online. Try to watch a movie on a weekly basis or read a newspaper each day to help you learn foreign language easier.


8.    Watch people talk.

Witnessing a native speaker talk lets you see the actions of their tongue and lips that will allow you to pick up the right pronunciation easier.


9.    Find ways to make it fun.

As cliche as it may sound, finding ways to make learning a foreign language fun is probably the best way to make you stick to it. If you plan to spend learning by devoting much time doing boring educational activities, chances are you’ll probably end up forgetting  the things you learned. Look for fun activities to learn a foreign language that has a personal connection with you.


10.  Go to where the language is spoken.

Immersing yourself in the country or place where the language is spoken will give you direct pleasure from what you have learned. Once you get to the country where the language is spoken, everything you’ve learned will come to life. 

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