About Us

eTutor School is a matching service offered by ETS Global Network, LLC where students connect with tutors via an online learning platform. We look after all your needs, from finding a tutor, scheduling a lesson, right through the use of our Q&A Hub, eTutor Store, Quizzes, Games and payment system.

Why are we different

We have qualified and certified professional tutors from all over the world. At eTutor School, we can assure you that you will get best tutor and experiences. We will help you achieve your learning goals. Our tutors use an array of interactive online platforms that will help students feel that they are in an actual classroom. Each class is customized based on the student's skills and needs. Students can also ask questions in our Q&A Hub. You can ask any question regarding education and expect answers from our pool of professional language and academic tutors from countries all over the globe. We also have a bunch of activities for you! We just added an eTutor Store where you can do all your shopping, language quizzes, games and a group chat room.

Who we are

ETS Global Network offers business and e-learning connection/matching services. ETS is currently operating eTutor School -- an online platform for e-learning where members (students and teachers) can search and collaborate with each other via skype and other online tutoring platforms.

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